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Like the partners in many public accounting firms, during the late 1980s Nina Gerbic and Joe Dawson considered expanding Dawson & Gerbic's services to include the valuation of business entities. However, they determined that our firm's training and experience up to that point in time did not fully qualify us to do that work.

Nina and Joe concluded that, while sophisticated accounting and legal knowledge were necessary to perform high-quality business valuations, that knowledge alone was not sufficient. Accurate business valuation computations and conclusions require an understanding of complex mathematical and economic concepts well beyond the typical CPA’s training.

A few years later, however, Nina began a five-year program at the University of Washington focused on advanced mathematics and econometrics that culminated in a Master of Economics and membership in the Omicron Delta Epsilon international economics honorary. Nina's program filled our perceived skills gap for providing top-level business valuation services.

So, during 1996 and 1997 Nina became a Certified Valuation Analyst and earned the American Institute of CPAs Business Valuation and Advanced Business Valuation Educational Achievement Certificates. During 2004 she completed the three-year examination program and became a Chartered Financial Analyst charterholder. And during 2005 Nina completed the requirements for a Certification in Distressed Business Valuation.

During the past decade Nina has performed dozens of business valuations, both for existing clients and for various legal firms, and for numerous purposes. She has significant assistance, of course. Each of our professional staff is available to assist her. Shen Liu received her Certified Valuation Analyst Certification (CVA) in 2007. She also holds a Master of Economics and Professional Accounting. In September, 2009, Jillian Andrews received her Accredited Valuation Analyst Certification, a designation similar to the CVA that does not require the recipient to be a CPA, but instead requires additional experience in valuation training and engagements. She is a third-year Master of Business Administration candidate, with an emphasis in finance curriculum.

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